Clément LABOIS awarded at the UHA Doctoral Students’ Day.

Portrait de ClémentClément LABOIS, Ph.D. student at LVBE and LIMA was selected among the 3 best presentations of the Ph.D. students’ day of the UHA doctoral school.

This year, because of COVID19, a new procedure, the PowerPoint with soundtrack, was declined. A totally dematerialized version in order to allow everyone to be able to follow the presentations and to know the research carried out within the laboratories of the University of Haute-Alsace in conditions of maximum sanitary safety.

These presentations are available in the form of videos on the UHA Doctoral Training Center’s channel, as well as the Humanities and Social Sciences presentations.

The Ph.D. students’ day of the University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) took place on June 12th, 2020.

This event is intended to promote the work of doctoral students at the end of their thesis and to encourage exchanges between researchers from different laboratories.

At the end of the UHA Ph.D. students’ day, the result was given by a committee composed of a representative of each Exact Sciences Laboratory of the UHA:

  •     Christophe BERTSCH (LVBE)
  •     Sophie DORJE (L-GRE)
  •     Jean-Philippe GODDARD (LIMA)
  •     Frédéric HEIM (LPMT)
  •     Lhassane IDOUMGHAR (IRIMAS)
  •     Amane JADA (IS2M)
  •     Christian LEY (LPIM)
  •     Dominique ADOLPHE (Pôle des Formations Doctorales de l’UHA)

This committee reviewed all the presentations and selected the 3 best presentations (in alphabetical order):

  •     Corentin BLANCHARD (IRIMAS)
  •     Syrine JEBALI (IS2M)
  •     Clément LABOIS (LVBE/LIMA)

Study of the resistance of Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris against wood diseases of grapevine.

These three Ph.D. students will receive, as in previous years, a prize of 200€ each.