Confined LVBE April 2020The LVBE permanent members are all professors-researchers, engineers and technicians belonging to the University of Haute-Alsace and the University of Strasbourg.

On January 1st 2016, the LVBE is composed by:

  • 3 Full Professors,
  • 3 Associate Professors with habilitation to supervise research,
  • 10 Associate Professors,
  • 1 Temporary teaching and research Associate,
  • 2 Post-doctoral researchers,
  • 3 Ph. D. students,
  • 1 Engineer,
  • 1 Technician.

Since September 1st 2016, we have decided to focus LVBE research activities on the topic “Agro-Environmental Vineyard Engineering”. We are a single equipe focused on the Vine/Soil studies, where each LVBE member brings his or her skills with a focus on wood diseases and defence stimulation, as well as bioaugmentation which can have an impact on the latter two aspects.

In September 2019, an agreement was signed between URCA and UHA in order to host the URCA enology team within the laboratory. This team is composed by:

  • 6 Associate Professors including (4 Habilitation to supervise research)
  • 1 Engineer,
  • 1 Technician.

In view of our publications, available funding and the demand of professional winegrowers, the concept of Responsible Viticulture will be developed, which will make it possible to respond to the current problems and new challenges for viticulture in the 21st century.

LVBE east-west views

Functional organization chart

Unit Director: Pr. Julie CHONG (PR2),

Assistant Director: Dr. Laure VALAT (MCF).

Associate Professors (in alphabetical order):

  • Pr. Christophe BERTSCH (PR EX., UHA),
  • Pr. Julie CHONG (PR2, UHA),
  • Dr. Claude ERNY (MCF-HC UHA),
  • Dr. Sibylle FARINE (MCF-HC, UHA),
  • Dr. Marc FISCHER (MCF-HDR, Unistra),
  • Dr. Mélanie GELLON (MCF, UHA),
  • Dr. Karine JÉZÉQUEL (MCF, UHA),
  • Dr. Christine LE JEUNE (MCF-HC, UHA),
  • Dr. Marc LOLLIER (MCF-HC, UHA),
  • Dr. Flore MAZET (MCF, UHA),
  • Dr. Romain PIERRON (MCF, UHA),
  • Pr. Céline TARNUS (PR1, UHA),
  • Dr. Laure VALAT (MCF, UHA),
  • Dr. Loïc YUNG (MCF, UHA).

Research Assistant:

  • Dr. Mary-Lorène GODDARD (Ph. D. Research Engineer, UHA),
  • Yann LEVA (Engineer, UHA),
  • Celia PERRIN (Engineer, UHA),
  • Virginie WETTA (Experimental and plant production Engineer Assistant, UHA).

Research Technician:

  • Dr. Hélène LALOUE (UHA).


Laboratory Council

Composition: the whole permanent LVBE Members

Role: study of measures relating to the organization and functioning of the unit and susceptible to have an impact on the situation and the working conditions of the personnel.

Health and Safety Commission

Composition: Executive Committee + Health and Safety correspondent.