University partners:

IRIMAS- The Research Institute in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Automation and Signal

The Research Institute in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Automation and Signal (IRIMAS) is a University of Haute-Alsace research team (EA 7499). This interdisciplinary institute gathers all the research work related to the disciplines of mathematics, computer science, electronics, electrical engineering, automation and signal and image processing at the University of Haute-Alsace.

ESCALIBUR project logoIn 2019, the University of Haute-Alsace has chosen to support a new collaboration between IRIMAS and LVBE by funding the Escalibur and Petricolor projects, co-led by J. B. Courbot and Romain Pierron.

LIMA – Laboratory of Molecular Innovation and Applications

The Laboratory of Molecular Innovation and Applications (LIMA, formerly COB), a bi-site and tri-tutorship laboratory (Unistra/UHA/CNRS), Since January 2018, this new laboratory contributes to a better structuring of molecular chemistry supported by the two chemical engineering schools (EPCM and ENSCMu) for better readability and visibility.

LERMAB – Laboratory of Studies and Research on Wood Material

The LERMAB is a multidisciplinary laboratory of the Lorraine University (EA 4370) attached to the Nancy-Lorraine INRAe center as a Unit Under Contract. It is located on two main sites, in Vandœuvre as part of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and in Épinal as part of the “École Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois” (ENSTIB), as well as on a more occasional basis in Longwy with a department at the IUT.

Partners retained in the Euréka project:

Euréka project partners


The technical partners involved in the realization of the project (recipients of funding) are (in alphabetical order):

the Alsace Winegrowers Association (AVA), represented by Vicky Chan Fook Tin, Frédéric Bach and Jérôme Bauer,

the Alsace Chamber of Agriculture (CAA), represented by Jérôme Attard,

the Interprofessional Council of Alsace Wines (CIVA), represented by Guillaume Arnold, Gilles Neusch and Jean-Louis Vézien,

the “Sillons” de Haute Alsace-Rouffach (EPLEFPA), represented by Christine Klein and Marie Monique,

the French Wine Institute (IFV), represented by Céline Abidon, Philippe Larignon and Eric Meistermann,

the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) (KIT), represented by Peter Nick,

Hebinger Grapevine Nurseries, represented by Christophe Hebinger,

the University of Haute-Alsace (UHA), represented by Mélanie Gellon, Sibylle Farine, Laurence Martin, Mary-Lorène Goddard, Julie Chong, Céline Tarnus and Christophe Bertsch.

Eureka project partners' logos