What is digital accessibility?

According to Tim Berners-Lee (director of the W3C and inventor of the World Wide Web), accessibility consists in making the web and its services available to all individuals, regardless of their hardware or software, their network infrastructure, their mother tongue, their culture, their geographical location or their physical or mental abilities.

A website is “accessible” when anyone can navigate it without difficulty using a browser and/or an assistive tool.

Compliance with standards

The HTML code complies with the HTML5 specification. It is tested using the W3C HTML validator.

If, despite our efforts, errors are detected following validation, we would be grateful if you would inform us.

Structure and presentation

The layout of the site is separated from its content through the use of style sheets. The use of CSS positioning properties, by totally separating presentation and content, allows the documents to keep a coherent order outside CSS: title, menus, content, etc.

Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail shows you the navigation path that you have taken by locating the page displayed on the screen and allows you to go back up the tree structure.

Adjusting the size of the text or the page

In order to allow users to modify the presentation of the site, and especially the size of the characters displayed, the layout is based on the use of relative units. Thus, the size of the text and/or the page can be increased:

With most browsers: Ctrl + mouse wheel

or Ctrl+ to increase the font size and Ctrl- to decrease it.

On versions prior to Internet Explorer 7: in the menu bar at the top of the browser, go to View > Text Size and choose the size that suits you.

Printable version

The “Print” function can also be found, on all browsers, in the menu bar at the top of the browser, on File > Print.

When printing a page, all the navigation elements of the site will be hidden so that you can print only the useful content of your information. Thank you for considering your environmental responsibility before printing.

Add this site to your “favorites

In the menu bar at the top of your browser:

under Internet Explorer: Favorites > Add to favorites

under Mozilla Firefox: Bookmark > Bookmark this page

under Safari: Bookmarks > Add to bookmarks

in Opera: Bookmarks > Bookmark this page

If you have any difficulties in accessing this site, please let us know.