Associated training

All LVBE researchers are engaged in a teaching mission.

FMA building, exterior and interior views and students on work experience

At the UHA Faculty of Science and Technology, ColmarAt the Colmar IUT With Reims UniversityAt Strasbourg University
  • Pr. Christophe BERTSCHAmphithéâtre IUT GB Colmar
  • Pr. Julie CHONG
  • PhD student Alexia GRAU
  • Dr. Flore MAZET
  • Dr. Loriane MERLEN
  • Dr. Sibylle FARINE
  • Dr. Mélanie GELLON
  • Dr. Romain PIERRON
  • Pr. Céline TARNUS
  • PhD Alessandro PUCA

They are involved in:

a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and Agri-food course

a Professional Bachelor’s degree in Adding value to agricultural resources – course Wines of the future

a Master’s in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and Technology :

Aerial view IUT GB Colmar

  • Dr. Claude ERNY
  • Dr. Christine LE JEUNE
  • Dr. Karine JEZEQUEL-LEVA
  • Dr. Marc LOLLIER
  • Dr. Laure VALAT
  • Dr Loïc YUNG

They are involved in the Biological Engineering BUT, Agronomy option.

Intervention in a Grapevine and Wine Teaching Unit, with the setting up of a National Diploma in Oenology (DNO): set up in September 2017.

The National Diploma of Oenology, prepared in Reims, historically prepared and held in Reims, it is now partially decentralized in Colmar to integrate the specificities of wine making in Alsace. Christophe BERTSCH, Director of the grapeVine, Biotechnology and Environment Laboratory, and Saloua BENNAGHMOUCH, Senior Lecturer at the UHA, have worked on a project to open a national enology degree in Alsace. The UHA has joined forces with the University of Reims to give the DNO an Alsatian dimension that takes into account local issues.

Our partnership with the University of Reims is growing, we will receive for this year 2018 the 1st and 2nd year students over 3 weeks. The first group of DNO students will be present from April 9th  to 22th, 2018.

At Unistra with Associate Professor Marc FISCHER

With the LVBE partner of the Végé-LAB

The LVBE has developed a collaboration with the Master Biology and Valorization of Plants of the University of Strasbourg by becoming a partner of the project Végélab carried by the persons in charge of this master.

Logo Végé-LAB

The main objective of the program ” Végé-LAB ” is to optimize the professional integration of the students of the Master ” Biology and Valorization of the Plants “, by putting them in direct contact with private and public research laboratories, with which they work during 3 semesters in the development of an innovative research project. This approach places the student at the heart of their training, and allows them to concretely approach the different aspects of research professions. The Végé-LAB is an investment of future (Teaching carried by the University of Strasbourg)