Below are the titles of books in which LVBE faculty members have participated:

  • Belinda Kemp, Andreea Botezatu, Hannah Charnock, Debra Inglis, Richard Marchal, Gary Pickering and James Willwerth. (2021). White Winemaking in Cold Climates. In White Wine Technology, 1st Edition, Editor: Antonio Morata. Paperback ISBN: 9780128234976. Elsevier Academic Press, Published Date: 1st July 2021 Page Count: 340 – Chapter 26.


  • Belinda Kemp, Matteo Marangon, Andrea Curioni, Elizabeth Waters and Richard Marchal. (2021). New Directions in Stabilization, Clarification, and Fining. In Managing Wine Quality 2nd Edition. Chapter 8, Volume II: Oenology and Wine Quality, Editor: Andrew Reynolds, Hardcover ISBN: 9780081020654, Imprint: Woodhead Publishing, Published Date: 1st September 2021, Page Count: 660.


  • Marchal R. Champagne.s et Crémant.s : les articles de presse et de vulgarisation sur internet traduisent-ils des différences techniques et sensorielles ? In Le vin et ses émules – Discours œnologiques et gastronomiques. 2021, Feyrer C./ Konzett-Firth C./Lavric E. (Hrsg, Berlin : Frank & Timme) (sous presse).

Patrick FRICOTEAUX, author of ” Créez votre bière, de la compréhension à la réussite “. Éditions Ellipses, out November 26, 2019.

After tasting this book, you will not only have understood all the secrets of the making of this thousand-year-old beverage, but you will also be able to create and succeed your own beer.

For the more curious, cultural and theoretical inserts are incorporated regularly throughout this book.

So don’t hesitate any longer, launch yourself into the adventure:

Mix malts, hops and yeast, turn yourself into a brewer and become a bubbles’ composer.

The author, Patrick FRICOTEAUX, is an Associate Professor in Chemistry at the University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne where he teaches not only chemistry but also the principles of brewing to enology students. An amateur brewer for more than 20 years, he has won numerous awards in amateur brewing competitions. He joined the LVBE in 2019.

Les vies de la pasteurisation : Récits, savoirs, actions (1865-2015) Les vies de la pasteurisation : Récits, savoirs, actions (1865-2015)
Chapitre d’Ouvrage : Pr. Christophe BERTSCH, co-auteur de « Les vies de la pasteurisation : Récits, savoirs, actions (1865-2015) », sous la direction de Noël Barbe et Daniel Raichvarg. Édition des Université de Bourgogne, sortie le 10 décembre 2015.


Microbes and Microbial Technology Microbes and Microbial Technology
Lebeau, T., Jezequel, K., Braud, A. (2011). Bioaugmentation-assisted phytoextraction applied to metal contaminated soils: state of the art and future prospects. In : I. Ahmad et al. (eds.), Microbes and Microbial Technology: Agricultural and Environmental Applications, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-7931-5_10,© Springer, 1st Edition., 2011, XVI, 516 p., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-4419-7930-8, March 2011.


Applications of Plant Biotechnology Applications of Plant Biotechnology
Schellenbaum, P., Walter, B., Maillot, P. (2011). Is DNA methylation a marker of somaclonal variation induced by in vitro culture ? In: Applications of Plant Biotechnology: In vitro Propagation, Plant Transformations and Secondary Metabolite Production, Editors: Kumar A, Sopory S. I.K. International, India, pp: 17-63.