In 2019, the Agricultural Merit for Prof. Christophe BERTSCH

Nominated by order of January 31th, 2019: to the rank of  “CHEVALIER”

Professor Christophe BERTSCH

The medal was awarded to him on Monday, November 25th, at the Belvedere CATTIN by Deputy Jacques CATTIN in the presence of Mrs. Christine GANGLOFF-ZIEGLER, President of the University of Upper Alsace, as well as Mr. Jean-Luc BISCHOFF, Vice-President-Research and Doctoral Training.

The Order of Agricultural Merit rewards people who have rendered outstanding services to agriculture, both in the exercise of public functions and in the practice of activities related to agriculture. It also rewards people who have distinguished themselves in scientific work or publications related to agriculture.

It is under the responsibility of the Agriculture Minister.

Among the recipients, there are famous researchers such as Louis PASTEUR.

The order includes three grades: “Chevalier, Officier et Commandeur”.

The annual quota allocated to the different grades is fixed at:

30 “Commandeurs”,

300 “Officiers” and

1,200 “Chevaliers”.

On July 7th, 1883, when Jules MÉLINE, 3rd Agriculture Minister, decided to create the Order of Agricultural Merit, the agricultural population was considerable: more than eighteen million French people lived from this industry and contributed powerfully through their work to the development of public wealth. Jules MÉLINE noted that in this immense staff of farmers, agronomists, professors, and scientists, the work was incessant, the devotion numerous and the rewards rare.

It was therefore impossible to reward these merits with the very modest contingent of the Legion of Honour placed at its disposal. The rank of knight was first created, then that of officer (1887) by François BARBE and finally that of commander by Jean DUPUY in 1900.

In the mind of its founder, the Agricultural Merit should have the same value as the Legion of Honour and should be a Legion of Agricultural Honour. This same inspiration had led him to initially retain for the insignia characteristics similar to those of the cross of the Legion of Honour. The design of the insignia was not retained, but the two red borders on the green moire ribbon symbolize the prestigious institution of the National Order of the Legion of Honour.

The original model of the cross of agricultural merit is due to Mr. LEMOINE son, jeweller of the Legion of Honour. Today the official model is stamped by the Administration of Coins and Medals.