Dr. Mary-Lorène GODDARD laureate of the “Ecology of the Future” Foundation.

The selected project is called “Towards a reasoned use and development of alternative treatments of metallic fungicides”. The Foundation of the Institute of France “Ecology of the Future” aims to encourage positive ecology and green growth by combining philosophical, scientific and economic considerations.

Photo of the winners and some members of the committee.

Mary-Lorène GODDARD, a research engineer at the Laboratory of Molecular Innovation and Applications (LIMA – CNRS/UHA/University of Strasbourg) and at the grapeVines Biotechnologies and Environment Laboratory (LVBE – UHA), is the winner of the call for projects from the Fondation de l’Institut de France “Écologie d’Avenir”. One of the three grants, of €60,000 each, was awarded to her for her research project, which follows preliminary work funded by the Fondation Partenariale Haute-Alsace in 2018.


The goal of the project, funded over 2 years, is at the heart of ecological problems related to intensive agriculture. With the case of metallic fungicides which are notably widely used in viticulture (16% of fungicide consumption for only 3% of useful agricultural surface), Mary-Lorène GODDARD is working to determine their specific mode of action in order to move towards the development of alternative treatments or at least a reasoned use.

This work will be done in collaboration with the LVBE, the LIMA and the Laboratoire de Spectrométrie de Masse BioOrganique (LSMBO, Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, Unistra).